Presenting your home online is not as difficult as it may seem. Here are some steps to follow that will give your home a clean, open and inviting feeling.


We follow a tight schedule when photographing homes. Ensuring that your home is clean, tidy and ready for our arrival, will assist us to get the best images possible for your listing. Please read the checklist below and if you have any further questions please contact us.



  • Lawns mowed, edges trimmed.
  • Dead plants and fallen leaves/limbs removed.
  • Bins and garden hoses away from sight. 



  • Clean windows. Dirty windows will stand out more in photos.
  • Curtains drawn and tidy.



  • Less is more. Remove clutter from your kitchen benches and ensure all surfaces are cleaned. 
  • Cables placed behind appliances that are left out.



  • Remove bins, tooth brushes and any products from the basin and shower. 
  • Clean all surfaces.
  • Clean, folded towels and soap bottles may be displayed.



  • Remove all personal items and photos.  



  • All lights will need to be turned on for the shoot. Replace any blown globes.



  • Family photos are best taken down for your privacy as the images taken will be made public online.
  • Less clutter the better. Present with feature items, flowers, art, some books/magazines, lamps.
  • The Laundry can be used to store items to get them out of the way, as we very rarely shoot the Laundry.